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Starting in my 20s, I began doing a lot of consulting work on top of full time employment.  I often had a full time job and several part time contractor gigs at the same time. I'd gained a lot of skills over the course of my working life and many companies paid me to help them grow their businesses.  I've been blessed and continue to be blessed with many successes.

A unique skill I've developed is to learn a position far beyond what is typically expected.  For example: construction.  I learned not only how to build and how to use every tool related to building, I studied the materials all the way to source.  That meant learning the lumber & lumberjack trades to their ultimate levels.  And stone work all the way to geologic studies and mining techniques.  Likewise with electrical and plumbing fields.  Marketing - not only the advertising, market development, customer acquisition, etc. - but diving into the materials (papers, signage, inks, paints, metals, etc.) used and how they are made.  Location - building design and construction, space layout, optimized presentation, and training staff on all pertinent aspects. Infrastructure - interior design, furnishings, and equipment. as well as wiring, network, electrical, etc.  To stay knowledgeable in computers, I've earned 14 certifications in IT network administration to know when networks are designed properly or not.

My overall expertise is what I call true business development. Everything from product design & packaging, audience targeting, distribution, retail, wholesale, internet, print, advertising, sales, training, inbound, outbound. My uniqueness is that I can carry out and train each of those facets throughout their entire process with great depth. Pick advertising for example. My product photography has been published thousands of times. My ads and copy have been published many hundreds of times.   My pre-press desktop work has been acclaimed as some of the cleanest in the business requiring almost zero rework before press. I have written some 30,000 web pages. I've conducted thousands of training sessions. I've scored sales records myself and the teams I've trained have earned five top national awards for being the Best To Buy From in America. And I've been the subject of a Profiles In Success documentary shown throughout the US market and 14 foreign markets.  And I've negotiated billions of dollars of deals in all those areas.

Wanting to learn as much as possible, I've worked hard to not limit myself to one industry or sector.  So my work as has included retail, wholesale, direct, construction, high tech, imagery, advertising, promotion, HR, entertainment, solar, data, transportation, sales, service, managing, directing, coaching, mentoring, local, territory, country, and international - every facet of making a business a success.

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