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The early part of my life - from birth to age 25.  I picked the range 0-25 for this section for no particular reason. With the purpose of business in mind for these pages, I'll just write about the work part of my life...for the most part.

I was born back in the days when an icy cold Coke was 5 cents.  And you could go see a movie, get popcorn and a soft drink all for under a dollar.  Raised on a farm not far from a major city, farm life was a large part of forming my ethics and habits.  It was hard work but quite educational and rewarding. 

I started work at a very early age.  Back in those days, if you could pick up a tool or implement, you could go to the field and work.  By the time I was ten, I could run a tractor, chainsaw, and a super wide variety of power and hand tools as needed.  We weren't a rich family, so if something was wanted, we generally built it.  If something we had broke, we fixed it.  And if we didn't know how to do this or that, we learned - very often without being taught.  Being self-sufficient is nowadays considered a survivalist characteristic.  Back then, it was daily life.

Hard work was a necessity. There were animals to be fed, gardens to be plowed/cultivated/seeded and crops to harvest.  Getting up before 4am, heading to the barn and chicken coop for chores was daily - no matter what the weather was doing.  Then it was off to school. Then back home for more chores.

A family move just before my teens was a culture shock.  We moved from the farm to a lot surrounded by other lots and a lot of people.  While the hard work was replaced by smart work, I certainly missed fresh veggies.  The stuff in grocery stores just cannot come close to fresh from the garden.

By the time I reached teen years, I could build, remodel, add-on, wire, and plumb a building to code as well as build out the interior to any specification.  With journeyman skills in masonry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc. I did contractor work for a number of years for clients on specific projects.

One of the many traits instilled during those days was the habit of taking good care of tools.  Now several decades later, I still have some of those tools and they are in fine working condition.

I fared well throughout school years.  Made good grades, recognized for responsibility & was asked to be a TA in several grades. Later on I was nominated for awards like National Honor Role, Most Likely To Succeed, Most Dependable, Senior Class President.  I remained in touch with some teachers, the principal, and the county superintendent for many years after graduation.

In college, I was successful at challenging many courses, fast tracking to & through graduate level.  One professor turned out to become one of my best friends for many years thereafter.  He was a very gifted man who was quite famous in his field.  I still have all of the textbooks he either wrote or part wrote & he inscribed them for me.  They are treasured possessions for sure. I worked with him on Masters projects and learned moe working with him than all the years in primary and secondary class work.  Spending an evening with him & his wife was more energizing than a week of vacation.

I started my first business at the ripe old age of 13. I later began carving out my niche in the professional world with typical jobs.  I had the rare opportunity to fast track through positions learning from some of the best.  By the time I was 25, I had set performance records for employers, managed staff of dozens of people and been in charge of very large revenue increase efforts in several fields.   Spanning several types of business, my core focus was business management which included product design & development, marketing & advertising, sales & distribution, and propelling businesses forward.  The positions I learned from included direct sales organizations, call centers, inside and outside sales, territory, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer representation - direct & supply chain.

While goods and services varied, I enjoyed technology fields the most. In every venture, I gained as much knowledge as possible - far beyond what each position required.  I enjoyed learning & still do now decades later.

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