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Benefits/Reasons to go solar.

Talk to any solar sales person & you will probably hear their version of ten reasons why you need to consider solar. I would like to suggest there are a LOT more than just ten reasons for adding solar to your energy resources. The order of importance may vary from time to time, or person to person, these are why I think solar is a a good idea.

1.  Independence.  Getting some or all of your electric power resource from your own solar panels gives you independence from the electric companies.  Simply, the more you can generate your own electricity, the more you can shed the dependence on utility companies to keep your lights on.  This is important.  And it is going to become more important with every passing year.  Beyond personal independence, using solar contributes to the energy independence of the United States.

2.  Budget Savings.  Making your own electricity keeps more of your money in your own pocket.  Rate hikes are certainly going to continue. and with every rate hike you see on your monthly bill, the chunk of your budget that keeps the lights on grows like a nasty weed in the garden. 

3. Solid Investment.  Solar energy will generate money.  Whether you have a small system that only handles a few things, or a substantial system that powers your entire home, you will continue to save.  Investments in most everything else will make or lose money.  But you will always need electricity, so the investment will continue to returnon your investment.

4. Continuance of necessities.  I lived on the gulf coast for about 25 years.  I can tell you without hesitation that every summer, concern grew whenever a storm system entered or formed in the gulf.  I went through a half dozen hurricanes.  There were storms that knocked out the utilities for days & a few times for WEEKS.  My solar panels provided me with life saving cool air, cold water,  hot food, and vital information via radio & TV.  Every bit I could generate not only reduced my monthly bill, it meant that life could go on when the wall outlets went dead.

5. The Environment.  Solar is net cleaner than burning fossil fuels.  Period.  Anyone who spends time in a major city and has a nose that works, knows that air quality is declining.  Water is getting more & more undrinkable.  At the rate we're polluting the earth, how long can air stay breathable?  One more generation?  Two?  The more we rely on the sun for our electricity, the cleaner the air, water, and everything else will be.

6. Reliability. The sun will always be there.  I mean really, come on - think about it, if the sun stops shining, we've got bigger problems than debating over the environment or kW source values.

7. Property Value.  Having a property that produces electricity is more valuable than one that only consumes.  If you decide to sell, the return on your investment can be even more significant - on top of the monthly savings on your energy bill.

8. Shingle Shade.  The sun beating down on grit & tar roof shingles makes then wear out rapidly.  20 or 30 year shingles can decay rapidly in bright hot sunshine.  Blocking the sun from beating on those shingles will extend the life of those shingles.  This same concept applies to flat commercial style roofs.

9. Cooler Attic.  With solar panels absorbing the sun's rays, this casts keeps the harsh sun from reaching the roof.  Which, in turn, raises the temperature in an attic by several degrees.  I set up data logging thermometers in my attic.  During many of those 110+ degree hot summer days, the attic temperature could reach as high as 120 degrees hear the ceiling level.  And a lot hotter up closer to the actual roof layer.  

10. High Tech Job Creation.  For too long, many of our higher tech jobs have been move offshore.  The more we can support solar energies here in the US, the more technically advanced our sciences become.  This especially is evidenced when we can contribute to the advancement of our local economies.

11. Tax Incentives.  While they last, the government sponsored tax incentives help offset the costs of going solar. Without a doubt, the time to get into solar is now.

12. Contribution To Advancement.  This facet of solar advantages cannot be overstated.  The smarter we are about power generation, the better for our society's technical growth.  And the offshoot inventions only add to our overall technical capabilities.

13.  Personal Positive Sense.  Knowing that you are contributing to the advancement of a cleaner  environment generates a personal sense of being a part of something very good for our future.

14.  Personal Indulgements.  Knowing that you are generating your own electricity means you can keep the thermostat where you want it - not where your budget says it has to be.

15. Personal Importance.  During an outage, being the house that still has power can not only make you the hero of your neighborhood, it can be a lifesaver.  After a recent hurricane on the Gulf, there were reports of too many people who had family members suffering ailments that required electrical medical equipment to maintain life.  Adding this emergency during a time of regional emergency is very dangerous to that person's survival.

16.  Security.  Evil-doers cut power lines to a home in an attempt to cut alarms.  Having your own power system makes that much more difficult.  If thieves try to break into a solar powered house, they have a much tougher task to defeat security systems.

17. Be Ahead Of The Curve.  No matter what various reports claim, common sense indicates that a never-ending supply of fossil fuels is just not possible.  Eventually, we will have to find alternate energy sources. Those who have helped build the solar industry will already be there and will have knowledge and experience to share.

18. Net Positive Investment.  No matter how much you pay the electric/gas company, you will not get any of that money back.  The money you put into generating your own energy will go along way to refill your pockets.

19. Expandable.  Many times, customers want to "test the waters" before making a larger investment.  This is a real advantage of solar.  You can start small and add to your solar system.

20. Revenue Generation.  Depending on your particular site, you may be able to install enough solar to power all your needs and have more power left over.  With a grid-tie system, you can sell that power to your local utility.

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